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Conference Tracks

We’ve created four distinct tracks, or areas of focus to create content around. Start, Refine, Grow, Accomplish.


Starting a podcast can be an exciting experience, and starting off on the right foot can really save a lot of time in the long run. You’ll learn everything about technical set up, gear, and workflow. This track also explores confidence, work/life balance, managing interviews and interviewees, and feelings around being seen and heard.


Refining a podcast means different things to different stages of the journey. Beginners will be able to go deeper with their content and pinpoint their message and vision, while more advanced podcasters will explore issues like pivoting, rebranding, adding or subtracting episodes, topics, even co-hosts.


Growing a podcast takes a lot of work and very specific skills. Marketing and promotion can be off-putting to those who are new to these concepts. The Growth track will cover mindset around sales and promotion, creative and authentic ways to grow your audience, and include sessions that will teach you how to grow your entire sphere of influence in addition to just listeners.


What will you accomplish with your podcast? Getting more clients or a new shiny sponsor is only one tiny piece of the things that can happen through podcasting. ANYTHING is possible once you start your show and have an idea of what you’d love to have in your life. Making an impact on an important cause? More time on stage? A complete career change? This track will guide you on what’s needed to decide what you want and then go get it.

Jenni Skaug

Jenni Skaug


Heather Osgood

Heather Osgood


We’ve arranged a special opportunity for women who are ready to jump into sponsorship!

Attendees will be given the opportunity to pitch:

1. Podcast Agency CEO Heather Osgood for representation through True Native Media, where they work with ad agencies to book sponsor spots on podcasts;


2. Jenni Skaug, President of Sonic Influencer Marketing, where they work with ALL the advertisers to book ads.

Here’s how it works.

  • Attendees will fill out an application form for the Pitch Your Pants Off Program
  • Jenni and Heather will review the applications and decide who they’d like to book and/or represent
  • If you are chosen, you will be given an opportunity and a time slot to meet with them in person during She Podcasts LIVE and pitch your show.
  • If you are NOT chosen, you will be given sound and logical reasons and then advice on what to work on in order to be ready for this next step.

Either way, this opportunity will get you on the right track to your next advertiser!