Podcasting Booth is in the HOUSE!

Overjoyed to announce our newest sponsor!

Buzzsprout is joining the She Podcasts LIVE sponsor line up in Atlanta this fall and along with that, will be setting up and staffing a LIVE Podcasting booth for the event!

Recording live at an event is really a thrill. SO much cool content gets created with people you’d never otherwise record with.

In 2016, myself and 4 other friends had babes in diapers and had started yet another Facebook group to support each other on how to do…just all the things. Natalie Eckdahl, Elsie Escobar, Jessica Rhodes, Katie Krimitsos and I had all given birth recently and just had the best time putting together a special “babies and podcasting” episode for BizChix.

You hop in the booth and the staff from Buzzsprout hook you together with equipment, and then you’re off and running. The cool thing is that the exhibit floor can see and hear you doing your show – so there’s often a live audience!

Stay tuned for information on how to sign up to record in the booth in Atlanta!

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